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AWT International were established 1996, to offer high-end geoscience, well/drilling engineering and contracting solutions to the oil and gas industry worldwide. AWT International offers fit-for-purpose technical Greenfield development services and Brownfield/production enhancement services. Our combined multidiscipline capability allows the group to undertake a wide range of technical consulting and contracting work streams to deliver cost effective innovative solutions on budget and on schedule.


The AWT advantage is that we independently provide these offerings as stand-alone solutions or as an integrated package. This gives us the ability to build long term relationships with our clients through continuity of engagement across multiple disciplines. In particular, we are able to execute geoscience, production enhancement and well/drilling engineering work programs where multiple technical skill sets and the appropriate application of enabling technologies are required to seamlessly integrate to maximise the clients’ outcomes.

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Global Oil & Gas Resources. Mr. Arman Martinez is the CEO and co-founder of Global Gas and Oil Carriers, an oil shipping business that has more than 20 years’ experience in off-taking oil from offshore oilfields in the Philippines. In 2018, Mr. Martinez also founded Global Oil and Gas Resources (GOGR) to develop oil and gas resources in the Philippines. GOGR is also co-owned and managed by Mr. Francis Abad, an Energy and Forex trading specialist and strategic advisor to commodities trading and E&P start-ups and private investors, focusing on cashflow generation.


GOGR has close working ties with the Philippines Department of Energy and the Philippines Department of Environment and Natural Resources.


Ultra High Performance Concrete and Composites are our business – our strength is in the knowledge of our products, our ability to engineer UHPC based solutions to complex engineering and environmental challenges, and to deploy our products to the highest standards possible.

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Petro Management Group Ltd. (PMG) is an integrated Petroleum Engineering consulting company providing services to the oil industry worldwide since 1994.

PMG utilizes the latest technology and is associated with a pool of competent multi-disciplined professionals to provide the highest level of quality engineering consulting, technical training services, and equipment procurement. PMG will tailor its services to meet the challenging demand of today's environment, whether it is the majors or the small/medium independents in the oil & natural gas industry.

We teach what we do. With our diverse experience in North America and Internationally, our training classes offer a wealth of practical knowledge/experience and numerous case studies. We also cover the theory in a concise fashion to ensure all aspects of the subject are taught and thoroughly understood by the course attendees.

PMG is one of the best oil and gas consulting companies and is based in Calgary, Albert. We pride ourselves in offering the best quality work, fast turnaround services and competitive fees.

As an upstream oil and gas consulting company, we work with E&P companies to maximize production and improve bottom line results. Through our reservoir management studies, we help oil and gas companies to apply optimum development plans and improve the Net Present (PV) of the companies.

PMG has performed numerous fully integrated reservoir engineering studies covering a wide range of oil and gas reservoirs, both locally and internationally. We have handled studies from a single-well pool waterflood, to large fields with hundreds of wells. Our experienced staff are highly trained to use most of the commercial software including; KAPPA, Petrel, Eclipse, IPM, Fekete, WEM, Ergo/Depro, OFM, Selected EOR, IMEX plus others​

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GazServ had established unrivalled reputation for providing proactive remote geosteering solutions to the clients worldwide. In the course of time, the company has evolved into a GnG solutions providing company.


We deliver a wide-range of subsurface solutions to optimize production, mitigate reservoir risks and challenges, utilizing our highest level of expertise. Our experienced and qualified professionals have internationally recognized professional work experience with world leading oil and gas companies. Our range of services include; Proactive remote geosteering, Operations geology, Wellsite geological supervision, Chemostratigraphy, Biostratigraphy, Geophysical interpretations, Reservoir and Fracture modeling, and complete geological project management.

The GazServ team has proactively geosteered more than 700 horizontal wells successfully in North America, Middle East, Africa and Russia in conventional and unconventional reservoirs, utilizing deep resistivity tools including; Schlumberger’s Periscope, Halliburton’s ADR, Weatherford’s Guidewave and Baker Hughes’ AziTrak.


We are committed to deliver the highest quality services, utilizing the latest technology, providing efficient, cost-effective and environment-friendly solutions to enhance the sustainability of oil and gas industry

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BaronNet is a group of individuals, who form a virtual expert network, consulting in Oil & Gas Production, Processing, Refining and Transportation. Led by Peter Baron, the founder and principal of BaronNet, who has a 50-year association with the Oil & Gas industry. The members of the Team are experienced in almost all aspects of Oil & Gas – from the earliest analysis and conceptual thinking through the front-end design, the detailed engineering and project management on to the field operations, troubleshooting and revamp.


BaronNet delivers Value Identification and Value Realisation to the Client’s Business Decision Process; acting as an Independent Engineer, providing confidential technical advisory and review services, providing Leadership of Study and Project teams to work on behalf of the Client’s Decision Process, and general consulting support services.

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