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Field Development Planning & EOR

PRIME ENERGY's team of experienced geoscientists and reservoir engineers can conduct studies for concept level or full Field Development Plan covering the entire life of the asset. This draws on our integrated, multidisciplinary approach to deliver a unified plan.

Petrophysical analyses, geomodelling projects and reservoir simulation studies are used in conjunction with concept design of surface facilities and development wells, to optimise the development scenario. Economic modelling and risk assessment can be used to identify the most cost-effective development plan and identify the key drivers for economic success.

PRIME ENERGY offers a similar integrated approach to support investments decisions for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), pressure maintenance and gas utilisation.

These may form part of a Greenfield Enhanced Field Development Plan (EFDP), or as in incremental project later in the asset life. Our expertise spans the entire EOR project from the initial screening study, through design and planning, to project management of the implementation.

We offer a complete range of EOR applications and specialise in CO2 injection and Steam Flood for Heavy Oil developments. Our teams have implemented several successful projects for major oil companies in the Middle East, Europe and North America.

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