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Audit & Promotion of Investment Opportunities

Prime Energy maintains a portfolio of exceptional investment opportunities from around the world which it matches to its investment partners wanting to invest in high quality ‘pre-audited’ and ‘ready to sanction’ projects that are capable of rapid capital deployment. A few examples of such projects are included here below.


The partnership of Prime Energy, its local partners and project owners all benefit from having:


  • high level contacts with decision makers at the local and national level.

  • extensive international and regional industry experience in all aspects of the value chain from acquisitions through asset development to commercialisation.

  • a unique combination of skills in the acquisition of underdeveloped assets, redesign of development plans, implementation and value creation.

  • Extensive history of working with JV partners, governments, regulators, investors and other stakeholders.


Prime Energy has achieved full exclusivity to a pipeline of energy projects from oil and gas transitioning to solar and wind. Its investment partners are given the first right of refusal for the initial investments and are given preferential access for future investments which provides an investor with a strategic investment growth plan for years ahead. Typical fast track project development timescales for a 200MW Solar project for example, is around 1.5 to 2 years to first production. 


Prime Energy is in fact a supplier of pre-audited opportunities to its investment partners allowing them to have managed investment agility. Projects secured for the investor provides an immediate capital deployment position, cutting down the time required for project development.

Solar Panels in Mountains
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