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Subsurface & Reservoir Management

Drawing on our broad experience of many basins around the world, PRIME ENERGY offer a wide range of reservoir evaluation and management services for all stages of asset life cycle. Starting with subsurface studies to support technical due diligence for asset Acquisitions, we can then conduct comprehensive acreage evaluations during the Exploration stage. This integrates subsurface studies, including specialised seismic interpretation with structural modelling and mapping; evaluation of hydrocarbon plays; basin modelling and geochemistry; mapping of leads and prospects; and assessment of oil and gas resources.

After drilling success we can design an effective Appraisal programme to prove up reserves and de-risk the discovery, thus enabling the client can reach a conclusive commerciality decision in the shortest time. PRIME ENERGY provide a full range of sophisticated reservoir geomodelling and simulation services to support Field Development planning. This is underpinned by sound petrophysical, classical reservoir engineering and petroleum engineering studies. As a specialised service we can provide Certification of Reserves and Resources and competent person's reports for most countries globally.

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